Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Attention: Members of both the National Moot Pool 2014-15 and the International Moot Pool 2014-15.

The MCA 2014-15 has decided to continue the last year's policy of rewarding mooters who win awards by letting them exercise the option of picking up an additional moot. Please note that their ranks will still be affected and their new effective ranks will be independent of their success in the moot.
Illustration: A team of two speakers with the ranks 3 and 5 in the National Pool of 20 speakers win the Best Team award in their moot. Here, their effective ranks will become 19 and 20 respectively despite the fact that they won the moot. However, they can do two more National Moots from the pool instead of just one.
For a team award, each member shall get the option of picking up another moot in the same capacity in which he or she had taken part.
Illustration: For a Best Team or Best Memorial Award in an international moot, the speakers shall be allowed to pick up another international moot as speakers and the researcher, another international moot as a researcher.
For individual awards, only the person winning the award shall be given the additional option.
Illustration: If one of the speakers win the Best Speaker Award, only that speaker shall be given the additional option.
Please note that no moot shall be conferred on the winners. They will only get the option of picking an additional moot if the members of the relevant pool with higher effective ranks do not pick it up. In short, they shall be subject to the same rules as the other pool members in picking up another moot.

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