Friday, July 17, 2015


Question: In Paragraph 27 of the Compromis, Governor Perez contends that “Arsenalian government has unlawfully expropriated property i.e. servers used to store PotOS cache, belonging to a Realmadristan entity, namely X&Y Ltd.” However, issue no 2 contests whether the seizure of servers is in violation of the principles enshrined in the ARBIT. Hence, there seems to be a contradiction between the contentions of the parties and issue framed. The issue pre-supposes the applicability of ARBIT which has been contested by the State parties. Please clarify.
Answer: The Arsenalian government has qualified their contention by stating that the property has been “unlawfully” expropriated, therefore there is no apparent contradiction in this case.
2. Question: Do users of Arsenalia get access to Facebook and Google?
Answer: Participants are advised to apply their common sense in reading into the facts as agreed in the Compromis, considering the background of the factual situation therein.

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