Monday, July 27, 2015

It is being brought to everyone's notice that the results declared for the International Moot Pool Selections are incorrect. We did not include the Carry Forward scores in the tabs. We know this is a major mistake and we sincerely apologise for it. Copies of the scoresheets for the ranking rounds will be put up on the notice boards tomorrow.
In all six ranks are getting effected. The new rankings are as follows:
1. Sonal Mashankar 
2. Ashima Gulati
3. Shivani Garg
4. Aditya Goyal
5. Praharsh Joherey
6. Rajeswari Mukherjee
7. Meher Tandon
8. Vinita Solanki
9. Manisha Regalla
10. Milind Ghosh
11. Deepika Yadav
12. Kartikey Singh
13. Dheeresh Kumar Dwivedi
14. Malvika Yadav
15. Geetanjali Kamat
16. Priyamvada Mishra
17. Amit Singhal
18. Shivansh Soni
19. Sourabh Raut
20. Radhika Garg
We apologise for the grave error once again. We will ensure that such errors are not committed in future.

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