Tuesday, July 14, 2015

1. Surana and Surana National Trial Advocacy and Judgment Writing Competition 2015- South India Rounds
This moot is being oriented for a slot of 2 speakers and 1 researcher. The Moot will be hosted by NUALS Kochi from 11th September- 13th September 2015. To access the problem and rules for the competition, please visit www.moot.in . The moot has a very unique format which covers examination of witnesses, opening statements and closing statements of counsels from either side. The moot proposition is based on criminal law.
With respect to the judgment writing competition, only teams participating in the moot are eligible to participate in the judgment writing competition.
Only 20 colleges can take part in the competition. They will be selected strictly on a first come first serve basis. Pool members who are interested to take part in the competition must send in a mail to the MCA (mca.nliu@gmail.com) indicating their interest by 15th July- 11:59 pm

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