Monday, October 5, 2015


1. Vis Hong Kong 2016
This moot is being oriented for the slot of 2 researchers. The speakers for this moot are Shivani Garg and Aditya Goyal. Please visit to access the problem and rules of the competition. The competition will be held in Hong Kong from 6th March - 13th March 2015.
Members of the freshers' moot pool who are interested to take part in the above moot court competition, may send in an email to latest by 6th October, 11:59 pm.
Note: The dates of the above moot courts may clash with our mid-term examinations. We have submitted a written application to the administration with a request to accommodate the moot while deciding the dates for the mid-term examinations. Administration has also informed us that 5th years will not have any mid-terms in the last trimester.
However, it should be noted that administration has the right to make/change the decision regarding the dates of mid-terms without prior intimation or consultation with the MCA. In the event that the dates clash, people backing out from the moot will not be debarred from future MCA activities.

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