Friday, November 6, 2015

It is being brought to the notice of all students that two issues relating to backing out from allotted competitions had come up in October. Shubhi Bhandari, Eikluvya Murray and Nishtha Tiwari had issues in participating in the competitions allotted to them due to careless travel planning; UPES Client Counselling , 2015 and KLA Client Counselling, 2015 to be particular. A detailed discussion was initiated with the Faculty-in-charge and it was decided that since this was the first instance of students backing out from competitions under the present MCA, they should be excused.

However, we find it imperative to convey to everyone that such leniency will not be shown to students in future who decide to back out from competitions allotted to them and they will be debarred from all MCA activities fro this academic session. Also, students participating in some competitions which have already been oriented and can possibly clash with the midterms in the third trimester, will be excused if the dates of the competition clash with the exams.

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