Wednesday, November 26, 2014


1. The student community is informed that there has been a change in the open challenge policy in the following manner:
An amendment is being brought to the following provision of Clause III under 'Policy relating to allocation of moots’ in MCA Policy 2014-15
"Please note that in case a moot goes junk in the main pool as well as its Super-Buffer, then in that scenario, the entire moot, that is, all the slots shall be offered in Qualified Open Challenge. This means that where a moot has 3 slots and only 1 or 2 slot(s) are opted for through the main pool or the Super-Buffer, then even in that scenario all the slots and not the remaining slot shall be offered for a Qualified Open Challenge."
The amended policy is that in case the 2 speaker slots are allocated, then an open researchers test shall be held ONLY for the researcher slot. The entire moot shall not be offered for open challenge. This is being done due to the fact that a lot of students in the researchers pool are also in the speakers pool and have exercised their options in that capacity. Thus, this policy is not being extended to a situation in which 1 speaker and 1 researcher have opted for a moot. In this situation, the existing policy stands i.e. the entire moot (all slots) shall be offered in an open challenge.
2. The above mentioned amendment shall come into force from 25th November 2014. In light of this, the Amity Law School- Law Centre II, Noida - International Moot Court Competition, 2015 that had been offered for open challenge today, stands retracted. The MCA apologises for any inconvenience caused.
The researchers test for the above said moot shall be held on 29th November, 2014. The test will be based on the moot problem. Anyone desirous of taking the test is requested to send in a mail to latest by 26th November, 2014 (11.59 p.m). Please note that from now onwards, no request for extension on such deadlines shall be granted on any grounds whatsoever.
3. It is being clarified that none of this shall apply for the Vis Moots as a special open challenge was conducted for them and the policy regarding those moots was completely different. The course to be taken for those moots has been decided by the MCA and we shall be sending a team of only three people (comprising members of Vis Speaker & Researcher Pools and International Speaker and Researcher Pools ) for those moots.
If any clarification is needed, kindly send in a mail to

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